How to plan your most successful week ever!

Plan your most successful week

We’ve all been there…

It’s the end of the week and we’re feeling quite stressed and frustrated for not being able to check all the things off our to-do list. We complain about how there is just no time at all but the reality is… we just didn’t prepared, planned, or used our time in the most productive way. So fear no more and continue reading because I will show you the steps that have helped me along the way to have my most productive, efficient and successful week yet!

Here are the steps on how to plan YOUR most successful week:

  • Prep is key! I love taking the time to plan before the week starts on Sunday evenings. It’s the time where I can sit down, reflect on my goals, and jot down exactly what I need to do in order to achieve them.

  • First things first… BRAIN-DUMP! This consists of dumping every single thing that is on your mind into a piece of paper, your agenda, your Notes app, or whatever works best for you. Just dump it all out! Don’t worry about the order or if they are really small tasks such as “go get the mail” or “call your mom” trust me… it will feel so good to get everything off your chest.

  • Now that we have everything on paper and I mean EVERY SINGLE THING start by assigning a time to every task. How much time will it take you to complete that task? Don’t fret, it doesn’t have to be perfect just provide an estimate. This will truly help you when it comes time to the actual planning of how your day will look like.

  • After you’ve given an estimated time to every task it’s time to BATCH. If you haven’t heard of this term before batching will literally SAVE YOUR LIFE when it comes to productivity. Want to finish things faster and in a more efficient way? Then start batching. Batching is: grouping similar tasks and dedicating a block of time in order to decrease distractions and increase productivity. By focusing on that one topic or group of tasks you will maximize efficiency and time instead of jumping around from task to task which only causes 1) wasting time 2)distractions and 3) leaving the task halfway done. So for example, if you are a business owner and you have to plan your social media content it makes sense that you chose one day of the week where you plan and create your Insta feed for at least one whole week. This will eliminate all the lost time of having to struggle every single morning on what to post that day.  So group your similar tasks together and get them DONE!

  • Once your tasks are organized by groups you can start to prioritize and see which ones need to be done earlier in the week. So if you need to call your dentist first thing Monday morning because you know she(he) gets booked out then PRIORITIZE THAT TASK!

  • Now that you know exactly what you need to do it’s time to assign a day! Assign yourself with 3 medium-big tasks every single day and then finish by filling it with the smaller things on your to-do list. So I would basically have around 5-8 tasks per day (3 being medium to big size goals and the remaining 5 being smaller things like answering emails).

  • The next and final step is a little extra but I’ve honestly found that it really helps me and takes my anxiety off completely. Assign a specific time/hour to every task. I’m a bit of a list freak and I love to have every single hour planned when it comes to my work because I like to know where I’m spending my time on. This also helps me stay on track and guarantees that I work as productive and efficient as I can. PLUS, you don’t have to waste time the day of trying to figure out what activity you’ll be doing first or next. You’ll feel like a productivity queen/king after this, I promise!

  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS leave room for those moments when “life gets in the way”. Things always pop-out during the week so plan those hours as well! I like to add anywhere between 1-2 hours of ‘ last minute things’.


  • Do something that inspires you during the week: We all are go-getters but it’s so important to leave room for something that you enjoy. Commit to it and just like any other task add it to your calendar! This will create more room for inspiration and creativity in your life to keep going. Look at it as fuel because honestly we all need to recharge some days. So schedule that coffee date with yourself and a good book, or go hiking, have a picnic while watching the sunset, do whatever fulfills your soul!

  • Work on creating effective habits and routines that will set you up for success. Maybe it’s time to schedule in that morning routine of yours that you just created (with the help of my last blog post 😉).

  • Create a playlist for the week with songs that are currently inspiring your or anything that gets you going non-stop. I personally love really intense high-vibe electronic music (think Tomorrowland or EDC… that stuff just keeps me going!)

Remember, the entire point of planning your week is to be able to proactively block time for the things that matter the most in your life and business. Don’t forget it’s all about being productive, not busy!

So go on and take action! Have a plan for every single day of the week and let’s hold each other accountable! Don’t wait for next Sunday to start. If you haven’t planned your most successful week ever then what are you waiting for?!

Daniela Cervantes