Why having a morning routine is a must for an entrepreneur?

+ tips on how to get started!

morning routine

Morning Routine: A buzzword and current trend in today’s society.

We’ve all heard about the benefits of waking up early in the morning and having a routine that will set you up for success and want to make you jump out of bed excited to tackle the day. But do you really know how to create a routine that will fit your schedule, give you all the benefits, and make you want to get up early and accomplish the day?

If the answer was “NO! But I need one ASAP” then you won’t want to stop reading…

Morning routines have been by far my most biggest obsession since I was 19 years old. At the time, I had found an article online about how all these successful people were able to get up early, be productive, and continue with that positive momentum into the rest of the day and the rest of their lives. After reading all about it I was instantly hooked.

Throughout the years I’ve been perfecting my morning ritual. I know what works and what doesn’t work for me after many trials and errors. I can finally say I found the best for me. A morning ritual that sets me up for the day and leaves me highly motivated to be productive which is crucial especially if you have a business or are starting one.


To put it in a simple way: a morning routine will help you own the day before the day owns you. You will realize that the sensation you get from waking up early and giving your full attention to no one but yourself will leave you with a high that will continue for the rest of the day. This is the time to focus on yourself, to achieve your personal development activities, or simply to just give love to yourself. How you wake up each day will affect your level of success in every single area of your life.


Ok, you get the point that having a consistent morning ritual will completely change your life but just in case you need more reasons here you go….

  • You will start the day in the right mindset which will radically improve your life

  • Increases your productivity- After tackling simple steps in your morning routine such as journaling or meditation it will make you feel highly motivated to continue being as productive throughout the day

  • It fuels your creativity and leaves you inspired

  • Leaves no room for procrastination

  • Helps you have a healthier lifestyle

  • Leaves you filled with energy

  • Makes you feel excited and joyful about the day- therefore makes you feel excited for the rest of your life

  • It is your most important act of self-love- It’s your ‘me-time’ where you get to pamper yourself and do what feels good before anybody else wakes up


The truth is there’s no perfect morning routine that you can just copy. What works for someone might just leave you overwhelmed. Morning routines are completely personal and they will always be evolving. What worked for me when I was 19 definitely does not serve me at this point in my life. Also, always keep in mind that your morning routine should be simple and fully enjoyable.

Here are some tips that have worked for me on how to actually wake up early and start a mindful morning ritual:

  1. Choose something that makes you look forward to… whether it is that new book that you want to read… or that gym class that you want to attend, or just that moment of silence that you oh so need! Where you get to solely focus on no one but you! Whatever that looks like for you have it very clear in your mind

  2. Once you have that thing or activity that sparks joy, go to bed with that thought in mind.. I promise that when you wake up it’s going to be one of the 1st things that your subconscious is going to think of and it will actually make you want to stand up.

  3. Next, once the alarm sounds, instead of hitting snooze start counting automatically in your head “5...4...3...2..1” and get up! This is going to eliminate all the thoughts of why you shouldn’t wake up. Focus your mind on the counting instead of the doubting. Do not let yourself think about it.

    Pro tip: Place your phone across your room so that you have to stand up to turn it off

  4. Next go straight to the restroom and do the things that you don’t even have to use brain cells for such as peeing, brushing your teeth, tongue scraping, and splashing your face with water to wake up.

    Pro tip: If you are a person that is new to practicing affirmations it’s so freaking good to have them on your phone on the notes app that way when you wake up and go straight to the restroom to pee you can ‘multitask’ by opening up your notes app and reading your affirmations out loud while you’re brain is fresh and receptive to anything. Focusing on affirmations is one of my most important rituals in my daily routine because they rise my energy, it brightens my day and makes me feel like a #boss! ( Will definitely write a blog post about it because affirmations deserve their own post)

  5. Now it’s time to do that activity that you have been craving! For me that looks like...going to the couch… getting comfy, plugging in my headphones and playing a 10 minute meditation. I’ve been loving this new ritual I’ve incorporated of listening to a guided meditation which makes meditation so seamless and so easy and a really enjoyable joyful experience. I finish feeling like a new person with a new slate to power through the day!

  6. After meditating, I get right into opening up the current book I’m reading while oil pulling. I love when I can pair two activities together and save time (cause I mean who doesn’t want to save time?!) I set my timer for 15 minutes and read while swishing coconut oil in my mouth.  

  7. After the 15 minutes I stop reading, spit the coconut oil out, clean my mouth and make myself my first morning elixir: celery juice (because I currently don’t have a juicer or a good blender i go for the traditional: lemon water)… if I’m not completely awake by this point this definitely helps me out!

  8. And while enjoying my elixir I begin to journal. This is one of the most crucial steps in my morning routine. Whatever is crossing my mind I just dump it out on paper and it makes me feel so much better less anxious and way more relaxed. This is where I do my gratitude list! I just start dumping how I’m feeling, what I’m manifesting and of course my gratitude list

    Pro tip: Gratitude is so powerful (again, this one deserves its own post) and so healing. It can uplift your mood instantly, bring positivity, raise higher frequency which will not only make you feel better but attract good things your way. Start with something simple by thinking of 3 things you are grateful for each day. Trust me you will see the difference in your daily life!

  9. And lately because I’m feeling extra energized and productive I sneak in some time to do an at home workout or I go to my local YMCA for a run, swim or gym sesh. You will feel so much better like you have conquered the day and it’s only 8 AM… What?!!

Here is a breakdown of my exact morning ritual if you’re in need of some inspo:

  • Alarm goes off

  • Wake up & Pray

  • Go to the restroom:

    • Pee + Affirmations

    • Tongue scraping

    • Splash water on face

  • 10 min guided meditation

  • 15 min of reading + oil pulling

  • Brush teeth

  • Journal + lemon water

  • Get ready for gym

  • Workout

  • Shower & get ready

  • Breakfast



  • Don’t check your phone first thing in the AM. Serve yourself before you serve others. Don’t let others take away your time and energy FOCUS ON YOU!

  • Do ‘no brain cells required activities’ first such as peeing, brushing your teeth, splashing water on your face

  • Affirmations are a must

  • Meditation

  • Mind-food is essential- whether it is in the shape of a book, a video, or a podcast (if you chose listening to a podcast do so while getting ready or doing another activity)

  • Journaling

  • Gratitude moment

  • Morning elixir- H2O, lemon water, celery juice, matcha, coffee whatever rocks your boat

Remember to keep it simple- focus on whatever feels right for you. Maybe you only have 15 minutes or maybe it is an hour so adjust to your needs and do not compare your morning routine to that of others.

Now that you know how to create your ideal routine go on and plan the best morning ritual for yourself and put it to practice first thing tomorrow morning! Start new habits that will impact not only your business but your life in such a positive way. Trust me!

Daniela Cervantes